Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teal and Navy

Yesterday the Baby Bear was wearing this little hooded one-piece from Baby Gap.

I bought the 18-24 month knowing full well my little man wears a 2T. I can't help myself, I am smitten. Even though my husband makes fun of me, I can't help how much I love it on my Baby Bear (even though it barely covers his ankles and wrists).

I realized that what made me buy it and what makes me unable to put it in the "too small" bin is that the color combination is perfection to me, and the "feel" of it sums up what I crave design wise for our home. The soft brushed teal paired with the crisp navy stripes. The casual comfort of the one piece, perfect for throwing on after a day at the beach or pool. The slight nautical detail in the trimmed lettering.

As usual, I went to Pinterest with the intention of finding some inspiration pictures to go along with this "newfound" realization.

Turns out I already knew what I wanted...

Below are images that I found spread across my inspiration boards:

Grace's lovely kitchen


a little red accent never hurt anyone...

Apparently I already had a matching outfit picked out for myself too:

Now the fun part will be taking this inspiration and incorporating it into what we already have. Or maybe shopping for something else for the Baby Bear to wear home from the beach.

Note: These images are from my boards on Pinterest. I try to do my best to have my pins link back to the original image, so if you would like a source you can probably find it there.

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