Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let's just pretend it's Wednesday

Well, Last week's Pinterest Challenge came and went and I never got around to writing this until now...

So without further ado, here are the inspiration "pins":

Here are the "Before's":

Nothing horrible, but could be better, right?

Enter these guys, namely the same Contact Paper I used on this project, and a magical thing I discovered on, where else, Pinterest... Chalkboard Contact Paper!

Now for the "After"!

Much better! Now we have a much more interesting, yet renter friendly, backsplash. I had been planning on doing this for a while and had put test pieces up before we moved in. Since it's been over a month and they lasted fine I went ahead and did the whole area on this side, as well as above the sink on the other side of the kitchen. For the jars I just did a Google image search for "label template" to find one I liked, and traced it onto the back of the contact paper to cut out.

I also have a bonus Pinterest inspired Before & After to share with you. Here is the original "pin":

My version was just done in Powerpoint and printed on standard paper.

Here it is on the picture ledges in the Living Room, which still need a lot of work and are acting as a catch all for a lot of random frames.

Thanks Sherry & Katie for motivating me to get more done, again!


  1. Love the use of contact paper in new ways! Where did you find the patten contact paper? I would love to do this with my back splash, which is currently mirror. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Thanks for visiting Sarah! I found that contact paper at my local Ace Hardware store, it's this one here: Covering-Self Adhesive - Talisman Pale Gray
    You might have some luck doing a Google search for the design name.