Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Bucket List Update

I posted our Fall Bucket List in this post, and since we've checked off a few items I thought I'd share an update. Here's what we've done so far...

*Go to a Pumpkin Patch:
This weekend we actually went to two different pumpkin patches. On Saturday we took the Fillmore & Western Railway to their private pumpkin patch. Baby Bear loves choo choos (trains) and munkas (pumpkins) right now, so he was in heaven! It was great to ride the train, and I have a whole posts worth of pictures to edit and share, but the "pumpkin patch" was more like pumpkins lined up for sale.

Then on Sunday we visited a local pumpkin patch that was a more traditional large field full of pumpkins... Baby Bear kept gasping in awe and yelling, "Munkas!" while running all through the patch.

*Go on a hayride:
While at the pumpkin patch we also got to feed a goat...

play scarecrows...

ride in a wheelbarrow...

 and go on a hayride!

*Have a photoshoot in a leaf pile:
Who doesn't love crunching fall leaves!? He is such an active little guy now it's hard to get a picture of his face these days.

* Go on two dates:
I'm happy to say we've already checked this one off the list, even though I thought it would be hard to accomplish with our busy schedules.
While visiting friends one night in Santa Barbara we had the opportunity to leave the kids home with an aunt while we went on a double date. It is always a treat to go out to dinner with adults!
We also were lucky enough to have our niece stay with the Baby Bear while we attended the wedding of two friends at Union Station in Los Angeles. It was a great night; hanging out with good friends, celebrating love and commitment, having a few drinks, dancing, and doing it all in a beautiful vintage setting.

How cute is the happy couple out on the dance floor! (I stole this picture from Facebook. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures that night. It may have something to do with the fact that Papa Bear drove and they had an open bar...) ;)

Well, that's about it for now. So far Fall has been living up to all my expectations and I know it will only get better this weekend. Halloween promises to give us lots of opportunities to check off a few more items on our list.

What fun items have you checked off on your Fall Bucket List so far?

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