Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1,000 Pins!

Wow, I just realized I now have 1,000 pins on Pinterest!
To celebrate this momentous occasion (or startling realization of my procrastination during the move), I will share with you my Current Top 10 Things I Have Recently "Pinned".

1.) Suitcase Craft Box:
This lovely little idea will come in super handy now that I will no longer have a dedicated sewing table in our new place. I am hoping to find a vintage suitcase in good condition that I can make into a portable sewing station to house my thread, zippers, scissors, etc.

2.) Native Shoes!
I can't remember which came first: the Pinterest find, or reading about these on Grace's Blog (Seriously, Harper is Baby Bear's new style icon,) but it was right around the same time. We bought the Bear his first pair over Labor Day weekend and I think he's worn them every day since! I just gave them a good cleaning with some mild soap in the sink last night, gotta love that. Now I want a pair for myself. (The Miller in Pidgeon Gray, size 9 please...)

3.) This Dresser:
I am still confused as to what skiing has to do with the rest of it, but everything else is amazing. I would love to do something like this in baby Bear's new room.

4.) Hanging Tents:
Speaking of Baby Bear's room, I've been pinning a lot of these little guys lately in preparation for a little reading nook/snuggle spot for the corner of the room. I will definitely share with you once I get to work on that little project. But here is an especially adorable version for a little girls room. (Did anyone else notice I used the word "little" 4 times in those two sentences... hello Thesaurus!)

5.) Above Door Shelf:
I just love this space saving idea for the bathroom. Look for this being duplicated in the hall bathroom for sure, and maybe even in the master bath as well!

6.) Katie's Williams Sonoma Home striped rug:
This rug is pinned because a) it's gorgeous and fits so well into the casual, beachy look I am hoping for in our place...

...and b) because it inspired my super cheap DIY version that I also "pinned" just for fun. On a side note, it kind of makes me giddy that my version has been "repinned" 25 times and has 5 "likes". Not bad for a slightly blurry photo off my phone. 

7.) Fall Felt Leaf Wreath:
(Try saying that five times fast.)
My absolute favorite time of year is the months of October through December. This may have something to do with Halloween, our wedding anniversary (5 years this year, yay!), Baby Bear and Papa Bear's Birthdays, and Christmas all happening during those months. But I also love the warm winds we get in early fall evenings that turn into chilly winter nights; crunching leaves underfoot, hot apple cider, peppermint hot cocoa, and all the good excuses to snuggle on the couch at home or spend time out celebrating with family. I can't wait to try out this tutorial and hang some fall decor!

8.) Pumpkin Pancakes:
While we are on the subject of Fall Goodness, let's talk pumpkin pancakes...
Pinterest is a great place to find, store, and sort all kinds of recipes. This is just one of many I would love to test out, as soon as I unpack the kitchen. In the meantime, if anyone would like to make some and deliver them to my doorstep one of these mornings, well I would not argue.

9.) The UnManual:
Ever since we bought our Nikon DSLR Camera over two years ago, I have been basically trying to teach myself how to use it. I can take pretty decent pictures in Auto mode, but I know there is so much more I could be doing if only I knew how to use all the features and settings better. I have an entire Board dedicated to Photography ideas, tips, and tutorials including some specifically on how to use DSLR settings. This one is described as, "a guide explaining the DSLR camera's ins and outs in plain english". It's written by a photographer who uses a Canon, but apparently is written for those who use Nikon as well. Definitely going to check it out!

10.) Words of Wisdom:
I am not sure how or when it started, but there seems to be an abundance of "phrases" on Pinterest. Some are silly, some are deep and inspiring, some are actually kind of offensive. I don't pin a whole lot of these, in fact I didn't plan on pinning any, but a few of them started to stand out to me and I found myself wanting to remember or share them later, so I gave in and created a board. I will leave you with a few of my favorites.

Good to remember when I want to shelter my little man.

Something I need to work on.

I did, and I do.

True, true, and true.

There you have it, approximately 1% of my pins. I'm sure there will be many more to come...

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