Monday, August 22, 2011

The Great Paint Update

I strongly believe that just putting paint on the walls can really make a rented space feel more like your own. We painted before we moved in our current place, and have repainted a couple of the rooms in the few years since then.

I knew I wanted to paint in the new place, and was more than happy to do it myself, but when the Hubby struck a deal we couldn't refuse with the painters, I was more than happy to hand that part over to them.

The professionals did the three big rooms: the Living Room, Baby Bear's room, and the Master Bedroom. I am planning on painting the bathrooms, but since they are small and I couldn't decide on a paint color for the Master Bath in time I will do those later.

The Living Room is painted "Lyndhurst Gallery Beige" by Valspar (Lowes).

It is a slightly warm, yet pretty neutral beige. We had recently painted the old Living Room a nice grey by Valspar, but I wanted to warm up the Living Room based on the new cabinets in the new place. I like the way it turned out and think it will be a good neutral backdrop for bringing in different accent colors.

Baby Bear's room gets the award for Most Adorable Paint Color Name Ever with "Sea Tickle" by Valspar (Lowes).

I wanted a nice semi-muted aqua color to really add a playful feel to what will be a playroom/bedroom for our growing toddler. I love how happy it is, and it makes me, and Baby Bear, smile every time we go in there!

For the Master Bedroom, we went with Chromium by Valspar (Lowes).

I love the color we just painted the Living Room in our current place, but I think it would have been too dark in the new Bedroom. I couldn't find the swatch, but I was smart enough to write the name on the paint can we had used (Grey Plank by Valspar). When we got to Lowes, I couldn't find that color in any of the greys. I asked the guy at the counter if I was remembering the name right and he was able to find the swatch on their paint color ring (apparently they no longer keep that particular swatch out.) I asked if he could find out the color one step lighter than "Grey Plank", and apparently it is this one.

The last paint I chose is called "Light Marine" by Waverly (Lowes).

I chose this for the Hall/Guest Bath, although I haven't painted in there yet. I like the nice soothing feel of this muted blue (it's lighter in person than above) and I think it will be nice in the small bathroom accented with crisp white linens and silver accents. I love the color Katie used in the Master Bathroom of their old house.

I haven't decided on what color to use in the Master Bath. I am sort of thinking of doing horizontal stripes in the same grey we used on the walls, or maybe go another shade lighter for more of a tone on tone look like this from John & Sherry. (Oops, think I just dropped some names there...)

Or, maybe a solid grey with a lovely striped shower curtain like this:

West Elm Horizontal Stripe Shower Curtain
What do you think? Stripes in the Bathroom? No Stripes? Or maybe something completely different, like a ski jump? I just can't decide...

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